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Сармат - царь собак. Собака вернувшаяся из глубины веков. Крупного роста, грубого типа сложения, обладает громадной силой и отвагой, недоверчив к посторонним, неприхотлив. 
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 Opening this book you will meet a wonderful person. Pavel Pereputie is a person who has traveled around the world by fishery trawler and by plain. He visited Antarctic three times and traveled along Northern Marine Way by tanker. He adrifted by float - boat along Lena river from Ust - Kuta to Tikci. He was in shipwreck and survived. He was in tanker during lire and he was saved by a miracle. The plain Pavel traveled by did not get out a wheel. The plain was wheel - up landed. Once he lost everything he had after car crash and spent almost a year at I he hospital. I I c met aliens twice and right now he is writing a book about that. He has visited such places from where not every one can return. Adventure takes place in his travels. His poems are a candid scandal. He is dreaming about illusions and he is sure that he will achieve everything. He was a truck - driver and jobless, long- trip navigator, hopeless ill patient. Authority persons ask his advice and he by himself is one of them. He has a crush on dogs and calls them Dog gift for unsaved and suffered from loneliness people. The author of the book created a new dog breed, described it and set its standards. He called it Sarmatian dog. This breed had practically vanished but he revived these giants. Now he is dreaming to make this dog breed national. His favorite city is Sochi but he does not love Vladivostok less the city where he lives. However, it can happen that he will settle on Mars tomorrow. This is in his nature. This person is a tophoon but even this comparison does not reflect everything. His world is great and diverse. He is an afflatus and undiscovered space at the same time.


The origin of sarmatians has not been studied well. However it is well-known that these mastiff-like dogs came from Asia. They appeared in Europe in ancient times. It is one of the most interesting and the most ancient dog breeds. Basing on the dog's pictures sarmatian looks like black Tibet wolf, the only difference is that the wolf had thick black and long hair and sarmatian has short thick hair with thick underfur. The other features of Tibet wolf has been retained by sarmatian through the centuries and were preserved. Among them are large height, big heavy head, black and brown color of hair, skin folds on the head, hanger, tendency to overbite. Indians, Mesopotamians and Chinese used these strong dogs thai are malicious to strangers as fighting and guard dogs. In Europe they called them in different ways: molosses, mastinoes, alans, sarmatians, etc. And these dogs enjoyed great love and respect everywhere. Warriors took these horrifying dogs with them to battle fields and the dogs with sharp knifes on their necks were the first to attack the enemy as well as big wild animals. Earthen cuneiform plates describing scenes of hunting for lions with big mastiff-like dogs were found in the palace of Assyrian king, Ashshurbanapal (668-626 B.C.). Chinese trained these dogs to hunt for people. In Ancient Rome sarmatians fought at gladiator competition stadiums and stood guard in king rooms. Rich nobles entrusted these delicate and brave dogs to protect their children. Rich matrons kept these dogs in their bed rooms and trusted them more than human guards hired by them.

Sarmatians came to new territories and countries and crossed with other local dog breeds by themselves or as it was planned by selection. As a result a great army of modern mastiff-like dogs appeared, and these dog nowadays represent the most valuable dog breed. Recently a group of enthusiastic people who love big dogs set a goal for themselves to find descendants of legendary sarmatians and they heard that those dogs inhabited alpine regions that were hard to reach. They had been searching for 12 years and there were finds and disappointments. The dream led people to the legend. And at last they achieved success, they found sarmatian with all the characteristic features of ancient breed: big and broad head of "horse" type, large height (90 sm. high in withers), rough bones, perfect constitution, characteristic constitution of pelvic limbs. Strength of sarmatian impresses everybody. High level of his intellect, extraordinary devotion, perfect fighting abilities, delicacy and tolerance touches feelings of every person who loves big dogs. The first step to unique breed revival has been made. There is a sarmatian family in Vladivostok: it includes puppies which you can see on the pictures and some adult dogs. There are some new specimen - pretty new born puppies, they were born in February. It is very interesting to know that the tradition of cutting tail and ears arose from people's desire to make their dog look like sarmatians which have short tail and small ears from the very birth. That makes them more beautiful.

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